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Fractal Music

What if you took the mathematics of Chaos Theory; which is what
creates fractal graphics, and applied those same maths to Music?
This is what we refer to as "Fractal Music"...
taking the "mathematical feedback" of fractal equations
and rather than mapping the results to the pixels on a computer screen...
mapping the results to the many aspects that define the sound of music.
The Results Can Be Astounding....

Since the early Greeks it has been known that many aspects
of Music are mathematical in nature Fractals produce patterns somewhere between Order and Chaos,
Randomness and Predictability, Much like many naturally occuring processes and structures,
Therefore - Fractal Music..........

These days is it probably more proper to call a lot of the music produced by the various music
generating software as "Algorithmic" music. While some software rely principally on fractal mathematics
most others use a mixture of fractal math and other algorithms to create the music.

Listed below are gallery pages describing some of the algorithmic music generators I've used over the years
along with music samples. I hope you will enjoy, or at least find the results interesting!

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