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ArtSong was written by Dave Strohbeen for the Windows platform. ArtSong is an algorithmic music composition program which offers control over almost every aspect of a composition. An ArtSong project is built on various components which can have many different parameters to control aspects of the music. There is also a scripting engine which allows a user to write and implement their own algorithms to generate a composition. Saves project files and MIDI files. Very interesting and complex possibilities with ArtSong.

ArtSong tune
a 2002 collaboration with Tim Conrardy. I provided the 'seed' MIDI file which TIm took into his studio and added all manner of synths to.
Another 2002 collaboration with Tim Conrardy in which I providing 'seed' MIDI file created in ArtSong and Tim adding in myriad synth parts in his studio.

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